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Primary Years

The first years of school life are certainly some of the most important. In these years values, attitudes, habits and character traits are shaped and the foundations for future learning are laid. The Junior School at Heritage provides an outstanding preparation for a confident and successful future.

At Heritage, the curriculum in these early years focuses on literacy, numeracy and development of social skills. Structured teaching is complemented by early intervention programs supporting all students in their learning. The College has enviable literacy levels well above State averages as assessed by the national assessment authority ACARA. Our mission is to have every child reading confidently by the end of Year 2.


With a long history of Bible study, Christadelphians have always highly valued the ability to read and understand the written word.  Reading forms the basis of all areas of learning, including mathematics and the sciences. With this understanding, Heritage College provides an exceptionally strong reading program in the early Primary years to ensure that every child receives the very best start to their education. Children are encouraged to enjoy reading and to take delight in extending their own learning.

Our early intervention program helps children who need extra tuition and practice to achieve their potential in literacy.  It is critically important that children are confident and capable readers from an early age. At Heritage College we take great pleasure in the success of our early reading program.


Mathematics is another important area of learning at Heritage College. Children are encouraged to proceed at their own rate of learning, with extra help and intervention provided for those who need it.


At Heritage College we encourage all children to quickly become confident in their ability to scribe letters. This gives them the freedom to be fluent and creative in their written language, and to produce work of the highest standard.  In the early years we strongly encourage children to hold the pencil correctly and to form each letter of the alphabet in the most efficient way.

Personal and Social Development

Social skills based on biblical principles are modelled and taught explicitly through the weekly spiritual themes.

The Australian Curriculum

Heritage College teaches the Australian Curriculum from Foundation to Year 12.