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Bequests & Donations


A Bequest to Heritage College is a substantial and lasting way of contributing to the future of the School. It is the simplest kind of planned gift with the donor making provision for Heritage College in his or her Will.

The inclusion of a bequest in your will is a simple matter.

All you need to do is state “I bequest the sum of $_______ to go to Heritage College, Adelaide”.  That is all that needs to be said.  If you have a current valid will, you can still make a bequest as a codicil to your will.  That is, you write the bequest as a separate document to your will making reference to your current will, sign and date it and have the codicil witnessed by two adults who are not beneficiaries to your will.  The codicil should be kept with the will.

If you would like to discuss any matter concern wills, please contact our Business Manager.  You can be assured of our confidentiality.


Generous donations have funded many smaller projects at the College over the past.  Some of these include the purchase of more specialised musical instruments for our orchestra, equipment for Technology Studies, prize money for Annual Awards and many more.  If you would like to make a donation you can specify whether you would like it to be devoted to a special purpose or leave it to us to spend it on the most important priorities for the benefit of all our students.  Donations made to the Building Fund are tax deductible.

You can send cheques to the Business Manager, noting the payment as a donation.  Your generosity will be acknowledged but we will always respect your confidentiality.

Business Manager –

2-10 Heritage Court, OAKDEN SA 5086

Thank you for your generosity. We will acknowledge receipt of the donation either by email or mail.