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The Christadelphians are a worldwide affiliation of people who base their religious beliefs entirely on the original Christianity taught by Jesus Christ and his followers, which are outlined in the Bible.

Believers are found all over the world. Unlike churches generally, there is no central organisation controlling things or even a paid ministry, so groups of believers everywhere actually operate independently whilst sharing a common set of beliefs.


Christadelphians believe that:

  • There is one God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s grace and desire to save people is shown in promises about a renewed earth, and a global community of nations who have Christ who will be King at His second coming to the earth. His promises and bible teaching show the way in which people can participate with unending life on an earth saved from destruction
  • Jesus Christ is our example of what God is like in holiness, goodness and love.
  • People need saving from death; when a person dies, there is no life after death except by resurrection from the dead at Christs second coming.
  • Believers show a new life in Christ by the rite of baptism and live as followers of Jesus, free from values of personal selfishness, political partisanship and violence, life based upon the principles of love for God and for their neighbour.
  • Their belief is reinforced by seeing events that were foretold as showing the era when Christ would return, including Jews returning to Israel after 2000 years of homelessness, and global changes including the rise in escalating disease, ecological destruction, political unrest and armed conflict. Although the bible tells of a time when this happens, it gives hope because those are the signs of the promised return of Jesus Christ, and so believers have hope and do not live in fear.