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Results & Achievements

 Year 12 SACE Results

Year after year, Heritage graduates have produced impressive Year 12 results.

Heritage College Year 12 average results have consistently been above State and Like School averages.  In fact, this has been a consistent pattern since the very first year of Year 12.

Academic results are not compromised by providing a Godly environment and a spiritual component to children’s education. In fact, we believe that academic achievement is enhanced as a result of this focus, since children learn to do everything “as unto the Lord”.

The 2019 class of Year 12s excelled themselves in this year’s SACE results. Three students gained Merit Certificates for outstanding achievement in one of their subjects.

NAPLAN Results

Each year, students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in all schools in Australia are required to undergo a common basic skills assessment in literacy and numeracy—known as NAPLAN. The results for Heritage College are shown below, compared to State averages. It is pleasing to note that in all categories in each year levels, Heritage students outperformed both the State and National averages. This data represents average results for the various groups and includes students with learning difficulties.