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Mission & Values

Our Mission

Heritage College is dedicated to providing a God-centred educational environment that assists all students to achieve their full potential by encouraging them to strive for excellence, to use their talents in the service of others and for the glory of God.

Our Objectives

  1. To assist the development of godliness in children based on the Word of God, in support of the role of parents.
  2. To provide a quality education within a biblical context to encourage each student to develop his or her full potential (intellectual, social and emotional).
  3. To create a safe, happy and spiritual environment where each member of the school community feels loved, valued and respected.
  4. To assist with the development of skills necessary to earn a living and for a life in Christ.
  5. To encourage respect for authority and the standards of the College.
  6. To operate the College in a manner which makes it accessible to as many Christadelphian children as practicable.

Our Values

Pursuit of godliness
Doing one’s best as to the Lord
Service, care and thought for others
Integrity and honesty
Respect and obedience
Love and compassion
Responsibility and loyalty
Development of faith