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Spiritual Education

Heritage College places great importance on the spiritual development of all students.  The Bible, as the foundation of all truth and practical wisdom, becomes the textbook for life – and students are encouraged to read it and learn more about what God has revealed.  Likewise, prayer also becomes an important part of the daily routine at the College.

In the Primary years, spiritual education is focussed around weekly spiritual themes which are introduced at Assembly on Mondays.  These themes are the vehicle for considering Bible principles, values and their practical application.  The themes are varied and include topics such as The Proverbs, Spiritual Characteristics, Following Jesus’ Steps, and Bible Occupations among many others.  Each week a particular characteristic is highlighted and discussed, and students then memorise a related Bible verse.

Students are involved in Bible study activities on most days in the Secondary years.  The curriculum is broad and includes background studies, consideration of important Bible doctrines, the practical application of Bible principles in everyday life, a focus on Bible ready and Bible study techniques and prayer.  Students are involved in group discussion, personal research, class debates and seminar-style presentations.