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Parents & Friends Association

The College has an active P&F Association which meets at least once per term (usually the third Monday of the term – but check the term planner to confirm). All parents are welcome and encouraged to become involved in P&F activities.
The functions of the P&F are to:

  • provide a forum for the planning and implementation of College fund raising activities
  • suggest ideas for school improvement and organise meetings of general or specific interest to the parent community
  • provide support and assistance for major College events
  • provide support and services for parents as required (eg uniform shop, mentoring for new parents etc).

There are a number of active working groups within the P&F which report back to the main committee meeting each month. These include:

  • Fundraising Group
  • Events Support Group
  • Parent Support Group
  • Past Student Group

Office holders are elected each year for a 1-year term. The current office holders are:

  • Treasurer:¬†Matt Archer
  • Secretary:¬†Belinda Pearce

If you have ideas to raise at P&F or would like to offer your help with any of the P&F functions, please email: